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Welcome to the Old “Footes Grocery” and the New “West Martinsburg Mercantile”.  This Circa 1825 Mercantile has been revitalized and the doors have been reopened following 25 years of closure after the retirement of prior store owners,  Warren and Marie Foote,  in 1994.

This Circa 1825 gem has a rich history dating back to the Stage Coach Era and the hustling crossroads of the Hamlet of West Martinsburg.  This General Store site dates back to the original build in the early 1800’s.  The current standing store dates back to 1885,  following a very large fire that destroyed local businesses, this store was rebuilt  by the Ralsten  family and continued business as the local General Store well over 100’s years and still stands to this date at the major intersection of the Hamlet of West Martinsburg.   Still rich in history, this nostalgic storefront offers fond memories for many. 

The New West Martinsburg Mercantile has been restocked with 20+ local Lewis County Vendors/craftsman and local producers of their own specialty products ranging from fresh baked artisan breads, bakery desserts, donuts, maple, honey, specialty goat milk  and dairy products to list a few.  This store still remains as a “Grocery” store with a vast selection of grocery items, locally roasted artisan coffee, stocked coolers and freezers.  A small “Curiosity Shop”  offers unique items, gift wares, as well as local artisan products, something for everyone, home, cabin or adventurer.

This old “Corner Store” has been brought back to it’s roots and welcomes all to visit, to relive fond memories of years past and to make new memories within the original storefront of the Mercantile with original squeaky hard wood floors, shelving, tight wooden drawers and the checkout counter with it’s original wooden cash drawer.  Reminisce and take a step back to the days of the old Mercantile’s, enjoy old photos, newspaper clippings and the freshness that this new grocery store has to offer. 

Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am- 6 pm | Sat 9 am - 4 pm | Sun 11 am - 3 pm


4815 West Martinsburg Rd Lowville, NY 13367